Moving Forward With Purpose

Moving Forward With Purpose

My classroom is ready to go and the kids have arrived!


As I begin my 14th year of teaching, I am excited, energized, full of ideas and ready and willing to step outside of my comfort zone and try some new things that will help me grow as a learner and allow me to help my students recognize and tap into their passions, interests and potential as they also grow as learners.  

Participating in the “Cowboy Ethics” workshop last week, reminded me that it is important for me to get my goals out of my head and onto “paper”.  So here goes:

Teaching Goals
  • Take a stab at gamifying my science classes (thank you  @techedupteacher for inspiring a non-gamer to give this a go)
  • Incorporate the concept of the “genius hour” into my science classes (many thanks to @JoyKirr for sharing her awesome resources)
  • Continue to use technology as a powerful tool to personalize my student’s learning

Personal Learning Goals
  • Write at least 2 posts/month to my blog “Reinventing Class
  • Become an active Twitter participant rather than a silent observer

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