Moving Forward with Purpose (v2)

Moving Forward with Purpose (v2)

Tomorrow I begin my sixteenth year of teaching in the classroom!  This year is different.  I have moved to a new school in a new district.  I do not have my own classroom this year; I will be moving amongst three, yes three, classrooms.  I will also have the opportunity to teach sixth graders and eighth graders.  As I have written about before, I am thrilled with these changes.
As I embark on my new adventure, I’ve been contemplating and refining my goals for this year.  Two years ago, I had the opportunity to participate in a Cowboy Ethics workshop.  My takeaway from this workshop was not only the importance of putting goals in written form but also bringing a sense of accountability to the goals by publishing them in a public forum.  I met, or at least began to meet, most of my goals two years ago.  I attribute part of this success to my public sharing of these goals.  

In the spirit of Cowboy Ethics, here are the goals I am committed to working towards this year:
Teaching Goals

  • Think BIG, Fail Fast, Try Again
  • Infuse the core ideas of design thinking into our science learning space to allow my students the opportunity to refine and vocalize their amazing ideas as they problem solve to create extraordinary things
  • Make learning applicable and relevant for all of my students

Personal Learning Goals

  • Listen, really listen, to those around me
  • Write at least 750 words every day
  • Publish at least 2 posts/month on my blog “Reinventing Class

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